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Business Registrations and Licensing

You are starting or have an existing business, but need information on, or assistance in registering for, the required business licenses. Common business registrations and licenses include:

Business Start-up

You are interested in starting a business but are unsure where to begin. The Business Enterprise Centre can identify all of the information that should be considered prior to starting a business and assist you in the business plan development process.

Business Expansion

You have an existing business but are interested in expanding by introducing a new product or service, entering a new market, or even increasing your operational capacity and capabilities. The Business Enterprise Centre can assist your business as it looks to grow and expand by providing critical information that you need to know, reviewing your existing business plan, and identifying appropriate funding and financing programs that could support your planned endeavors.

Market Research

You are an entrepreneur or business owner looking for resources and additional information. The Business Enterprise Centre can assist you by accessing market data for the local and regional economy.

Funding and Financing

You are seeking financial assistance for a business start-up or expansion. The Business Enterprise Centre can assist you by identifying potential funding and financing programs that may be available and support you during the application process.

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Upcoming Intakes

Applications for the Starter Company Plus Spring 2024 intake is now closed. 

Please note that while the workshops are open to everyone, you need to apply to the program to be grant-eligible.

For more information, please contact James Parisi at or call (705) 360-2600 x 7079.